Master's Curriculum

Professor and 3 MSAE students having a discussion at a table.

Launching Your Future with an MSAE Degree

The Georgia Tech AE master's program prepares accomplished undergraduates to launch successful careers as thought leaders, executives, and researchers. The curriculum consists of 33 credit-hours of coursework and research. Students may choose between a Thesis or a Non-Thesis degree and may earn their degree through the traditional, BS/MS Honors, or Distance Learning programs. All MSAE candidates must have a GPA of 2.7 or above to graduate.

Aerospace engineering grad students may also pursue an interdisciplinary master's degree in computational science and engineering.

The following is a brief summary of the requirements and is not meant to cover all aspects. Students should see AE Graduate Handbook for a complete description of the requirements for the MSAE degree.

The School does not require its grad students take specific classes. Graduate students are expected work with their advisors to map out a rigorous and individual educational program that includes research in one or more of the six research disciplines and meets the following requirements:

  • Complete one (1) semester of the AE Graduate Seminar course (AE8801) during the first year in residence in the AE graduate program. This requirement is waived for distance learning students;
  • Completion of at least six (6) credit-hours of mathematics;
  • No more than nine (9) credit-hours may come from the Senior Undergraduate (4000) course level;
  • Transfer students may bring no more than six (6) credit-hours from an accredited school in US or Canada. All transfer credit award decisions will be made by the Graduate Curriculum Committee;
  • Graduate-level courses may be chosen from the current Georgia Tech course catalog, as well as from the appropriate Special Topics courses listed on the Registration page.

Requirements for Non-Thesis MS Degrees
The Non-Thesis master's degree option requires students to earn 30 credit-hours from classwork, and three (3) credit-hours from the pursuit of a specialty research problem, to be determined with the academic advisor. At least 12 credit-hours must be from courses offered by the School of Aerospace Engineering.

Requirements for the Thesis Masters Degree
The Thesis master's degree option requires students take 24 credit-hours of classwork and nine (9) credit-hours of research. MS thesis students may take no more than nine (9) credit-hours of non-AE classes.