MS Degree Options

You Have Options

Students pursuing a master's degree at the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering may choose one of three paths, described below. All three paths require applicants to demonstrate academic excellence and a commitment to research in their undergraduate studies. They also require students complete the standard coursework and research outlined in the MS curriculum. Application to the Traditional and DLP master's programs is identical. Admission to the BS/MS Honors program is done by special application.

  • The Traditional MSAE Degree
    The standard AE MS program includes 33-credit-hours of on-campus coursework and research. It is designed to challenge students whose undergraduate transcripts show academic merit, a commitment to research, and/or co-op or internship experience. Students should see AE Graduate Handbook for a complete description of MSAE degree requirements.
  • The BS/MS Honors Program
    The BS/MS Honors program gives academically superior AE undergraduates - and select transfer students - a chance to finish their BS/MS degrees in as little as five years.
  • The Distance Learning Program (DLP)
    The Distance Learning Program is popular with working professionals - and employers - because students can use streaming video and electronic communication platforms to pursue a tailor-made graduate program from just about any location.