Additional Educational Options for Undergraduates

4-photo collage: male student with aircraft; female student with balsa wood model of aircraft, male grad student with UAV ground equipment; two male grad students designing a wing

Start with Your Bachelor's Degree...

...and add options that make your educational experience unique. The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering can offer you multiple ways to enhance your undergraduate program. Some will result in a degree designation on your diploma (see sidebar). Others will introduce you to a new language, your first employer, or a new career aspiration. Beginning with the Fall 2018 semester, we've even put together eight (8) different AE concentration tracks - suggested course selections that will enhance your knowledge in a given area.

Minors & Certificates 

Many AE students find that exploring an additional discipline or earning a certificate helps them to gain relevant job skills or gain greater insight into their aerospace engineering studies.

Other International Study Options

In today's global workplace, employees with cross-cultural experience have the advantage. Many AE students take advantage of Study Abroad or Georgia Tech Exchange programs to prepare for a future that could take them anywhere.


Many AE students meet their future employers in the workplace, when they are interns. Internships require fewer semesters than co-ops, but can be just as valuable. You can gain career experience and build a professional network while working on your degree.