BS-MS Honors Program

Collage of 5 individual BS-MS Honors student photos at graduation


Why BS/MS Honors?

The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering's joint B.S./M.S. academic program enables highly motivated undergraduate students to earn their AE bachelor's and master's degrees in as little as five years. In addition, consider:

  • You will be admitted to the AE graduate program after you finish your BS -- no need to take the GRE.

  • You can use up to six (6) credit-hours of appropriate courses for both your BS and MS degrees. Typically, this means you can finish your MS program  9-12 months after finishing BS degree.

  • You will receive preference in the assignment of AE Undergraduate Research Fellowships and will gain at least 3 semesters of undergraduate research experience.

You are eligible to apply if...

  • You are an AE student with a Georgia Tech GPA of 3.5 or higher; and

  • You have earned at least 48 total credit hours (this includes any AP/Transfer credit) and have completed at least 14 credit-hours of Georgia Tech coursework, of which at least 12 credit-hours must be in technical subjects.; and

  • You have earned no more than 80 total credit-hours (exceptions to this rule allowed, see application).

To complete the BS/MS Honors program you must...

  • Maintain an overall GPA that does not drop below 3.5 for more than one semesterwhile in the program;

  • Complete three (3) semesters of undergraduate research, (AE 4698 or 4699) after entering the program;

  • Make at least one oral presentation based on your research at a public seminar, such as a professional society conference, student conference, seminar, or AE Brown Bag Lunch Seminar before completing your BS degree. Poster presentations do not fulfill this requirement.

What can you expect?

  • You will work with a research advisor who is active in research in your area of interest. If you choose, this research advisor can also become your academic advisor;

  • You will receive your BS degree as soon as you complete the BSAE requirements;

  • You will be admitted to the AE graduate program after you finish your BS, if you apply, and without having to take the GRE;

  • The AE graduate coordinator will work with you to obtain graduate funding if you successfully completed the Honors requirements, though no financial support is guaranteed;

  • You will be able to use up to six (6) credit-hours of coursework in the major discipline towards both BSAE and MSAE degrees. This includes the classes used to fulfill the AE Options course requirements of the BSAE degree. For more info on this, consult the Graduate Course Option section of the Georgia Tech Catalog or visit the AE Options Courses page.

Applying to the BS/MS Honors Program

  • Eligible undergraduate students must fill out an application for admission (pdf) to the BS/MS Honors Program.

  • Completed applications should be brought to the AE Academic Office (Knight 312) or emailed to Ms. Brittany Hodges

  • After submitting your application, you need to request that your current AE academic advisor send an email recommendation to Prof. Jerry Seitzman;

  • Students whose applications are approved should receive notification by the end of the semester in which the complete application package was received.