Doctoral Curriculum

Collage of three AE professors with their doctoral grads, all in graduation regaiia

Highly qualified students who are committed to pursuing a career in research, development, or at an academic institution are encouraged to apply to the AE doctoral program. The program considers applications from both undergraduate and masters candidates.

The Georgia Tech AE doctoral curriculum includes coursework, research, a qualifying examination, an approved thesis proposal, and an approved thesis defense. The Institute also offers aerospace and other students an opportunity to pursue two different multidisciplinary degrees: the doctorate of philosophy with a major in computational science and engineering or the doctor of philosophy with a major in robotics.

The following is a brief summary of the requirements and is not meant to cover all aspects. Students should see AE Graduate Handbook for a complete description of the requirements for the Ph.D. AE degree.

Students pursuing a doctoral degree from the School of Aerospace Engineering must complete 42 credit-hours of graduate-level coursework:

  • Complete one (1) semester of the AE Graduate Seminar course (AE8801) during the first year in residence in the AE graduate program;
  • No fewer than 36 credit-hours of coursework must be at the 6000-level or above;
  • Up to six (6) credit-hours of graduate coursework may be taken at the 4000-level;
  • Any 4000-level courses taken as a required course in the undergraduate AE major cannot count toward the fulfillment of the doctoral degree;
  • Up to 30 credit-hours of coursework may come from the fulfillment of a masters degree, earned at Georgia Tech or at any accredited institution in the world;
  • Nine (9) credit-hours of graduate study must be in courses that have a prefix of "MATH" or taken from the approved list of mathematics classes in the AE Graduate Handbook.