Fall 2016: Special Topics Courses

Special Topics courses are courses that have been added to the catalog of aerospace engineering courses for a limited time, usually one semester. They are designed and executed by AE faculty to more deeply explore a unique topic or problem within the field of aerospace engineering. Below are a list of Special Topics courses that will be taught in the Fall 2016 semester. For more information about the courses, please contact the instructor.

Numerical Analysis & Algorithms

  • Course: AE 4803 SAL
  • CRN: 89190
  • Time: TR 9:30-11
  • Instructor: Joseph Saleh
  • Pre-requisites/restrictions: Calculus; different equations; a strong appetite for learning. The course is suitable for undergraduates and beginning graduate students.
  • Description

All engineering students, undergraduates and graduates, should be computationally fluent and have a good understanding of numerical analysis, their fundamentals and their applications. The purpose of this course is to provide this ingredient, computational fluency, to the intellectual toolkit of our students. Engineering education has traditionally emphasized an analytical approach to problem solving, focusing on closed-form solutions, which often require assumptions and simplifications (e.g., linearization) to arrive at. This closed-form analytical mindset is important in many ways, but it is also limiting in the scope and diversity of problems it can handle. Many real-world engineering problems cannot be handled in this manner and require instead an algorithmic mindset and approach to tackle. The course will develop this algorithmic mindset to problem-solving in the context of numerical problems.

The objectives of this course are: (i) to provide the students with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of numerical analysis; (ii) to develop algorithms and numerical methods for dealing with important engineering problems (root finding, linear algebraic equations, curve fitting, numerical integration and differentiation, and differential equations); and (iii) to assess these methods and develop an appreciation for the trade-offs involved (e.g., accuracy, computational effort) and the suitability of particular methods for different problems. Applications from aerospace engineering will be considered. An ancillary objective is that the students not only develop a dexterity with numerical analysis, but also find the material fun and empowering (it is; in addition to being very useful). This is not a coding course. Students can use whatever software they are comfortable with for the mini-projects. Some built-in functions in Matlab will be mentioned.

Two-Dimensional Unsteady Airfoil Theory

  • Course: AE 8801 QSM
  • CRN: 90295
  • Time: TBA
  • Instructor: Marilyn Smith
  • Pre-requisites/restrictions: Distance Learning only; Instructor approval. Students are not eligible for this course if they have completed AE6030; This course is not intended to replace AE6030 for students earning a graduate degree with an emphasis on aeromechanics (aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, unsteady design); Steady Fluid Mechanics and/or Aerodynamics at the undergraduate level; Engineering Calculus at the undergraduate level, including complex numbers; Use of MATLAB, MATHEMATICA, MAPLE or a similar engineering toolbox\
  • Description:

Learning objectives: Extend the knowledge of steady airfoil aerodynamics to unsteady airfoil aerodynamics.
Student Outcomes: Perform analytical and numerical (Matlab-based) evaluations of airfoils in incompressible unsteady flows. These topics are directly related to graduate-level research in aeroelasticity (fluid-structure interactions), aeromechanics, fluid mechanics/ aerodynamics and unsteady aerodynamic/aeroelastic design.
Note: This course is co-taught during the first half of AE6030, Unsteady Aerodynamics. The first three class meetings of AE6030 provide an introduction to general unsteady aerodynamics. While these are not included in the AE8801 class hours, attendance is recommended for smooth transition into the AE8801 syllabus.

Advanced Non-Linear Control

  • Course: AE 8803 TSI
  • CRN: 91476
  • Time: MWF 1-2 p.m.
  • Instructor: Panagiotis Tsiotras
  • Pre-requisites/restrictions:
  • Description: