Future AE Students

Three AE students - 2 male, 1 female - with their graduation gear on

Who We Are

With a combined undergrad and graduate enrollment of more than 1,400 students, the Daniel Guggenheim School at Georgia Tech is the largest of the elite aerospace engineering schools in the country. Each of our 40+ faculty is involved in research that is expanding the impact of aerospace engineering in aircraft design, space exploration, data science, and artificial intelligence. Their collaborations - with students, with other academic researchers, and with industry - are defining the future of the field.

What We do

With more than $30 million in sponsored research projects, the Daniel Guggenheim School has positioned itself as an innovator in the field of aerospace engineering. Our undergraduates complete a rigorous 132 credit-hour program that includes classroom and laboratory learning. More than one third of eligible undergraduates are involved in research and more than 30 percent are recruited for internships and co-ops. All of our graduate students work with tenure-track faculty and research engineers to

Where We Go

When it comes to choosing a career, graduates of the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering are unbound by limitations, expectations, or stereotypes. Our grads take on leadership roles in business, academia, and government. Find out more about where our graduates go.

AE because...

"I came to GT-AE because I thought airplanes were really cool. After I took v-pro (vehicle performance) I was really interested in helicopters. Now, I am working on Prox-1, a satellite. This is the most exiting thing about AE; no matter what I've done, it's all been super interesting."

Alexander Steahr
BSAE '17