Graduate Advisement

Professor Theodorou with a graduate student during an advising session.

Set High Expectations

The MS and PhD programs at the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering are designed to promote thought leadership, innovation, and substantive research from all students. Your faculty advisor plays a critical role in this process - helping you to chart a course of research and career-building that will uniquely reflect your passion for the field.

Your advisor will help you choose classes and research problems that are in sync with your aspirations. Your advisor will introduce you to his/her lab, research, and collaborators. As you narrow the focus of your own research topic or problem, your advisor will give you critical feedback to sharpen your approach. As you prepare to graduate, your advisor will point you to career opportunities or industry connections that match your skills and interests.

As a supplement to your formal advisement, you may wish to join the Piazza, an online, student-run, forum set up by the School of Aerospace Engineering Student Advisory Council (SAESAC). Contact SAESAC to get connected.

Before You Begin

Before you arrive on campus, you will be assigned to a faculty advisor whose research interests align with yours. In some circumstances, this assignment will be made during the first week. If you wish to work with another faculty, the associate chair for graduate studies will work with you to arrange a different match.

AE Orientation Session: The Week Before Classes Begin

The AE advising staff and associate chair will host a two-hour orientation session. The orientation team will explain the School's curriculum, the procedures for registering for classes, and many other aspects of the AE graduate program. Even if you feel relatively confident about the expectations, you are encouraged to attend this session.