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Prof. Walker helping a student with a registration issue


Paperwork Matters

During your time at Georgia Tech you will frequently be required to fill out and submit forms, usually on a timetable set by the Institute. It is up to you to manage this process so that you do not miss a deadline or overlook needed paperwork. To help you, we’ve put together a collection of the forms most frequently used by AE students, below.

This is not a comprehensive list. Depending on your circumstances you may need to meet other paperwork requirements. A comprehensive list of academic forms can be found on the Georgia Tech Registrar's Forms page. Please read the instructions on all forms to determine, minimally, whose signatures are needed, where it should be sent, and when it should be submitted. If you have questions about these or any forms, speak with your advisor or visit the Academic Advising Office in Montgomery Knight 312.

BSAE Student Forms

Undergraduate Degree Graduation Packet (please pick this up in the AE Academic Office)

Note: Find out more about how to apply to graduate with a BSAE.

MSAE Student Forms

Ph.D AE Student Forms