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Google's 'Take on the world' commercial features Georgia Tech
<p>Caroline Jones of Madison, Georgia, is Georgia Tech through and through. Her parents met as undergrads at Georgia Tech, and her sister graduated four years ahead of her. Caroline's younger brother is also a current Georgia Tech student. Not only did Caroline don the white and gold as a cheerleader for Georgia Tech, but she's also now a rocket scientist -- having earned her degree in aerospace engineering.</p>
Caroline Jones of Madison, Georgia, followed in her mother's footsteps in becoming a Georgia Tech engineer.
<p>Aerospace engineer Loren Isakson has flying in his blood, but he chose Georgia Tech without even knowing that there was a Yellow Jacket Flying Club. Now, he's serving his last semester as president of the organization.</p>
Aerospace engineer Loren Isakson has flying in his blood.
<p>Andrew T. Hsu, image courtesy of College of Charleston</p>
A Georgia Tech graduate was elected president of the College of Charleston last week.
Learn more about the aerospace-focused groups on campus
AE student Jose Andrade contributed to the winning design

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