AE Prof. Tim Lieuwen Named to Lewis Chair

AE Prof. Tim Lieuwen Named to Lewis Chair
Atlanta, GA

Aerospace engineering professor Timothy C. Lieuwen has been selected to fill the David Lewis Endowed Chair in the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering.

In accepting the appointment, Lieuwen succeeds longtime Regents Professor, Ben T. Zinn, who has served the AE school for more than 50 years. 

The executive director of the Georgia Tech Strategic Energy Institute, Lieuwen is also a frequent collaborator with the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute. His research focuses on the areas of acoustics, fluid mechanics, combustion, and signal processing. He is responsible for teaching several courses in the areas of fluid mechanics, aeroacoustics and combustion. His research team conducts both theoretical and experimental work in combustion, flame-acoustic wave interactions, combustion noise, and development of ultrasonic diagnostic techniques


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