The Research of Three AE Students Celebrated at the 2018 Undergraduate Research Fair

The Research of Three AE Students Celebrated at the 2018 Undergraduate Research Fair

Gabriel Nakajima An shows another student his research posterExplaining the Research. AE undergraduate Gabriel Nakajima An explains his research to one of the many visitors at the 13th Annual Undergraduate Research Spring Symposium on April 17. 

The research of two graduating AE students, Gabriel Nakajima An and Srishti Gupta was on display April 17 during the 13th Annual Undergraduate Research Spring Symposium, held in the GT Student Center Ballroom.

Srishti GuptaSrishti Gupta

The two were a part of a storied Georgia Tech tradition in which the year-long research projects of students from several Institute schools are reviewed, critiqued, and discussed by peers as well as faculty. This year’s event featured more than 130 projects from students throughout the Institute.

Also recognized at the event was graduating senior David B. Gomez whose research “HPEPL’s Motivation for Mass Flow Calibration” received the 2018 award for the Best AE Undergraduate Research Project.

An’s poster, “Methods for Combining Model-Free and Model-Based Reinforcement Learning” is based on research he has conducted with his advisor Evangelos Theodorou that focuses on the intersection of robotics, reinforcement learning, and controls. His presentation addressed the multiple challenges that prevent reinforcement learning algorithms from being more widely used in industry domains.

Gupta teamed up with BME undergrad Hannah Gersch to give an oral presentation, “Investigating Diffusion Kinetics in the Sclera for Ophthalmic Drug Delivery”. Their research focused on diffusion kinetics of a stiffening agent through the sclera, aimed at reducing a problem in the optic nerve -the cupping effect - that is caused by glaucoma. The duo found that a better understanding of diffusion kinetics within the sclera shows promise in improving the delivery of therapeutic drugs to the eye in glaucoma patients.

Hannah Gersch and Srishti Gupta show their project posterTeamwork Rocks! Aerospace engineering undergrad Srishti Gupta, right, teamed up with BME undergrad, Hannah Gersch to produce a research poster on opthalmic drug delivery for the 13th Annual Undergraduate Research Spring Symposium. 


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