Paying for College

Photograph of the top of Tech Tower.

Know Your Resources

Students attending Georgia Tech leverage a variety of public, private, and personal resources to pay for their education. Every student's experience is different. The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering encourages all students to fully utilize the resources available to them, many of them through the Institute:

To find out more about the cost of attendance, the Georgia Tech payment plan, and various payment deadlines, visit the Georgia Tech Bursar's Office.

Graduate Teaching & Research Assistantships

A majority of Georgia Tech AE graduate students offset the cost of their education through graduate research assistantships (GRA), graduate teaching assistantships (GTA) or positions as academic graders (GA). These positions pay between $1,500/semester and $26,000 a year, and they can trigger a significant break in a student's tuition. The School does not guarantee placement in any of these positions and cannot restore funds for sponsored research assistantships, so it is important that grad students pursuing GRAs, GTAs and grading positions remain fully informed of their funding status from semester to semester.