AE Academic Office staff helping a student during registration.

Your First Assignment: Registration

About four weeks before each semester begins, the Phase I Registration period begins. If you are already enrolled, you will receive a Time Ticket that will assign you to a specific time slot within the Phase I Registration period. Look for this in your Georgia Tech email.

If you are a new AE student, you will receive a Time Ticket to register for classes during Phase II Registration, which is scheduled about two week's before classes begin. To find out when Phase I and Phase II Registration are scheduled for any given semester, see the Registrar's Calendar.

Registration instructions are established by the Georgia Tech Registrar and should be reviewed before Phase I Registration begins. Your advisor or the Academic Advising Office can help you with any questions, but you should plan to review these instructions to prepare yourself.

No matter what your academic standing, we recommend you communicate with your advisor at least once each semester to discuss your progress, review your class choices, and discuss any special circumstances. If your overall GPA is below 2.5, you will have a "hold" placed on your registration until you meet with your advisor.

Some Questions to Ask Before Registration

During the Phase I and II Registration periods, many questions arise. We have listed the most common questions - and their answers - below.  Note that some of these require you to fill out forms and visit other websites, which are linked. We recommend that you use your Georgia Tech email address and include your GTID# on all of your registration correspondence. The easiest way to contact your academic advisor is to look them up in the AE directory

What AE courses are available next semester?
  • You can find out what courses are being taught next semester by logging into OSCAR, choosing a semester (Fall, Spring, Summer), and choosing "aerospace engineering" as the subject.
When can I see what classes are available?
  • The release date of the class schedule for any particular semester will be posted on the Registrar's Academic Calendar before registration begins;
  • When the class schedule has been released, it can be viewed on OSCAR. Start by indicating which semester's classes you want to see; you will then be asked to choose a subject (aerospace engineering).
What are Special Topics courses?
  • Special Topics courses are courses that are designed by AE faculty to explore a unique problem or topic within the aerospace engineering discipline. They are taught for a limited time, usually one semester. Find out about the Fall 2016 Special Topics courses being offered.
When can I start registering for classes?
  • All students are issued a Time Ticket indicating when they may begin the registration process online;
  • The time listed on any particular Time Ticket is determined by the Georgia Tech Registrar.
What do I need to bring to my advising visit?
  • Drop by the Academic Office to pick up your Advisement Folder;
  • Pick up two blank copies of the course schedule form on which you will list the courses you plan to take in the next semester. We suggest you fill out one copy of that form in preparation for meeting your advisor;
  • Your advisor will sign one of the course schedule forms and place it in your Advisement Folder. You should return that folder to the AE Academic  Advisement office.
How do I get closed class overloads for AE courses?
  • If a class is closed/full, students should submit a closed class permit request;
  • Overloads are not guaranteed. Degree candidates are given priority.
How do I register when a class is restricted to AE majors only?
  • Students who are not aerospace engineering majors, please note that restrictions on AE courses are not lifted.
  • Aerospace engineering majors should submit a restricted class permit request from the Georgia Tech Registrar.
How do I register when I receive a pre-requisite error?
  • If you have successfully satisfied the pre-requisite, submit a pre-requisite permit request.
  • State clearly how the pre-requisite was satisfied.
If I have a hold on my account, how can I register?
  • Use the Instructions for Viewing Holds  to view any holds before registration begins;
  • Students cannot register until all holds are removed. There are no exceptions to this;
  • Holds can only be removed by the department that placed them. (So, if the Bursar's office placed the hold, only the Bursar's office can remove it. The AE staff cannot act on a hold that the School did not issue);
  • Advising holds issued through AE will not be removed without an advising session. You must communicate with your assigned advisor before the hold can be removed. After that meeting, submit a signed advising sheet to the AE Academic Office to have the hold removed.
How do I get on the waitlist for a class?
  • The School of Aerospace Engineering does not use waitlist function for its closed classes;
  • If a non-AE course section is closed, but the wait-list function is enabled, visit the Registrar's waitlisting page and follow the instructions.
How do I get a Research Permit?
  • Both undergraduates and graduates must enroll in specific classes to be eligible for research opportunities. Each requires a special permit.
  • This is true whether you are taking research as an elective or as a requirement. It is important that you initiate and complete the research permitting process, outlined here. 
How do I register for an undergrad AE class if I am not majoring in AE?
How do I get permits for graduate courses?

You are eligible to enroll in a graduate course if you are senior with grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 and have the permission of the instructor, or if you are an AE BS/MS Honors Program student.

For AE BS/MS Honors Students

  • Enroll by submitting a restricted class permit request on OSCAR;
  • AE BS/MS Honors Program students should put "AE Honors Program” as the request reason;
  • You will receive an auto-generated message when your request is processed;
  • After the permit is issued, email the Georgia Tech Registrar's office to request a level override. You may also visit the Registrar's office, located in Tech Tower;.
  • After the level permit has been applied by the Registrar’s office, you may register for the course. 

For All Other Students (AE or Non-AE Majors)

  • Obtain permission from the instructor of record and send it to
  • Submit a permit override request on OSCAR;
  • You will receive an auto-generated message when your request is processed;
  • After the permit is issued, e-mail or visit the Georgia Tech Registrar's office, located in Tech Tower, to ask for a level override;
  • After the level override permit has been applied by the Registrar’s office, register for the course. 
How do I get permits for non-AE courses?
  • AE personnel cannot grant permits for non-AE courses; each school controls permits and overloads for its courses;
  • Find out more about how individual schools and departments handle permits.

NOTE: Please be considerate of the workload pressures of the academic advisors in other departments when dealing with emails, walk-ins, and phone calls. They are doing all they can to accommodate students.